A Winning Friday at MacWorld Expo

CORRECTIONS FIRST. The proper marketing phrase for the Transporter is “On-line but off-cloud.” Your data resides on your Transporter. And your Transporter is in your home, not on the cloud. You can easily access your Transporter data from the web.

macworld-2014-droboI WON I WON I WON!!! I won a Drobo Gen3. Lots of redundantly protected data storage. I don’t expect to win drawings. Heck, I only buy a lottery ticket a few times per decade. The Drobo will be shipped to me. Drobo is a great product for those of us who need to manage large amounts of data. What do I do with this? With great storage, there must also come great responsibility! Cousin Ben had a great idea: rip all my DVDs to it.
macworld-2014-fallon-jonesI met teen author Fallon Jones again at the PhatWare booth (handwriting software for your tablet). Years ago, I ran into a young girl writer at MacWorld, and I bought her vampire novel, Bite Me. Now she’s all grown up at nineteen. Grown up in that she has written a few books, putting old farts like me to shame! I bought her latest book, The Lasarus Serum, off Amazon while talking with her. I love indie author spirit!

I tried the Avegant Glyph mobile personal theater. Reminds me of the 5D glasses that will be in my novel, a totally immersive experience.

Also, you wanna add PCIe cards to your Macintosh, like putting a graphics card on your MacMini? Consider plugging a MaxExpansion cube into your Thunderbolt port.


macworld-bakboneA BakBone to help me hold my iPad during open mic readings. It is a detachable holder for tablets, see how I wear it like a ring? The nice lady towering next to me worked at the booth. She is six feet tall, was even taller in her high heels, and she lifts weights. She told me to feel her bicep. Hard as a rock. I told her about my superheroine Holly, who is also tall, blonde, and strong. I gave her a card, maybe this lady will send me some advice on the perspective of tall women (like if they are asked about basketball).

A Powerocks Magicube 1200 external battery for my iPad, phone, and other USB-powered stuff. More power than my older HyperJuice plug (12,000mAh vs. 10,400mAh) and smaller.

macworld-2014-bluemicA Blue Microphone. I need to start some type of podcast. The Nessie mic has built-in audio processing to give nice public-radio-resonance to your voice, or sharpness to your singing. I tried Nessie at the Blue Microphone booth, could only bring myself to read a paragraph of my novel. There is a difference between performing for a coffee shop crowd and for one saleslady.


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