Me at GDC last week

Dave-at-gdc-2014I went to see cool stuff, and to check on cool companies, who knows, make I’ll get a tech writing gig down the road. At the Intel booth, a couple of ladies put a cute cap on me and gave me a dolly and took my photo. They were fast and efficient and a little giggly.

Some companies did cross compilers for mobile, which I was very interested in, having documented that before. A nice guy at the Opera booth told me about Comic Book Resources after I handed him my business card with Holly on it. Yeah, at a gaming conference, that is appropriate. Hmm, what would Holly do in a video game? Box her way through super bullies to get to her beloved comics and coffee shop, maybe holding and not spilling a delicious iced mocha with her left hand while punching and jabbing with her right?

I am going to MacWorld/iWorld this week. It is smaller than it used to be, but it is still fun.


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