Cinemaquest sci-fi

Some shorts worth mentioning that I saw at Cinemaquest.

I’m 23 and there’s a effing monster under my bed. (Okay, I cleaned up one word in the title.) What if monsters under the bed are real? Get a hot chick to help get rid of it, of course!

A stitch in time for $9.99. Witty slapstick about time travel and a lady more worried about a guy liking her than another urgent matter.

Shift. No dialog, great effects, perfect editing. I had to mention during Q&A that in comic books, someone invents a super-powerful device and instead of running to the patent office, he starts casing banks. (Although Shift gets around that loophole neatly.)

Park Arcadia. A dimension-hopping story with a strong female lead and San Jose settings.

I talked to James Croke, who made Shift. He has a couple of movie scripts optioned, I hope they get made! It was midnight when he, I, and a media lady I had met earlier in the week went to a bar. He told interesting stories over the usual music and crowd noise. I did not last long there, I am older. I was tired out the day after, so I stayed home and polished another Holly short story. Her fight with the deadly and boyfriend-stealing Karate Queen, who is loosely based on a writer/poet from the Peninsula Writers Club. I think she’ll help with the technical terms for karate blows. She showed me some blows a few weeks ago. On a punching bag, not on me, that would hurt some.


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