Another lovable jerk, and not keeping my seat

zoran_01Yesterday at Cinequest was the flick Zoran my Idiot Nephew. A delight. Jerk as main character works again. And the kid is a perfect counterpart. A feel good movie that fits the definition.

I have noticed that when I see a Cinequest movie, I often change my seat. Once, twice, three times. I move when a big guy sits in front of me, when a guy/girl has to mumble little snuggly snookie-wookie stuff into the girl/guy’s ear, when an older lady (it is always an older lady) opens her purse that would be too large for an airline carry-on and fishes around for ten minutes then pulls out a small package made by Super Krackly Packaging Company and for ten more minutes opens the package with a KRINKLE CRACKLE KRUNCKLE KRINKLE RATTLE KRUNKLE KRINKLE and then extracts a candy about the size of an aspirin accompanied by five more minutes of those sound effects I just wrote and extracts another and another every two minutes for the next half hour all the while demonstarting why Super Krackly Packaging got its name, or the people who eat popcorn with a big wide-open-mouth CHOMP where the mouth acts as an echo chamber that threatens to loosen the nearest earthquake fault. Could be worse. The screen could be Smurfs.


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