The 80s, a friending fiend, and chubby kids

Eternity_PosterAnother Cinequest recommendation: Eternity the Movie. Great sendup of the 80s music. Also got to see Lou’s Records in Encinitas, where I have bought a lot of CDs and DVDs. During Q&A, I asked how the actors could say those lines without cracking up. They said that they played their parts absolutely straight. Remember Leslie Nielsen in the Naked Gun movies?

Also saw Friended to Death. (also on facebook) I laughed a lot, and the movie had no dull moments. Making a movie with a conceited jerk as the main character is not easy, but in this case it WORKED. Lots of Facebook and texting jokes (LOL, ROFL, etc.). For instance, one character was adopted by a black lady. The main guy says, oh, you have a BLOM (black mom); a funny smothering mom. I met a producer and a lady actress from the flick (she played another crazy character in the movie, again proving that a very beautiful actress can be staggeringly funny) at a VIP meet-up. Which I got into for a few minutes. Don’t ask me how I did it.

Bite SIze, a documentary about childhood obesity, had me rooting for a young football player with anger issues. Not something I normally do, but boy did I want this kid to win.

Another note for Nothing in Los Angeles: I should have mentioned that one joke in the movie was a guy telling the scriptwriter that the script was not good “sonically.” Reminds me of a book publisher telling a guy in a critique group I was in that he needed “verbal fluency.” I do not believe that even  the book publisher knows what the heck that means.


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