A twisted short, a Woody Allen, and a loud bar


Cinemaquest highlights from yesterday:

The Sleeping Plot. In the Shorts 2 show, this 5 minute short has an adorably twisted little girl gathering cash in twisted ways for an evil goal. SO CUTE!!!!

Nothing in Los Angeles. An aspiring writer and witty dialogist takes a long time to finish his screenplay, and is involved with an older woman and a younger lady. Keep in mind that the director/writer, Alexander Tovar, completed this screenplay in one month. Wow. Alexander stars in the movie and plays a flawed but lovable teddy bear of an artist. The bits about LA guys shooting their really awesome movie are hilarious. This is a Woody Allen flick for the west coast. The promo pic for this flick is really cool, doncha think?

Went to a Maverick meet-up at 9:30. In a bar, of course. Talked to a couple filmmakers, had one hard cider, and then the music became LOUD. Um, why have a meet-up in a place where you have to nose-to-nose shout to talk to someone? How about a quieter and better ventilated coffee shop next time, like Caffe Frascati?


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