The final cover art

HOLLY COVER Reviz 3Batton Lash sent the final version of the Super Bad Hair Day cover art. See? A thing of beauty!

We went back and forth a bit. Lash was always helpful and patient. Like with Holly’s trunk line and her wonderful up-arrow chest logo, which I discussed in previous posts.

LETTERING. An ebook cover will often be shrunk to thumbnail size. The main titles show up fine. I had thought that “Super Holly Hansson” should be blue, but Lash said “red pops.” I had him blow up my AUTHOR NAME for smaller sizes. But the word ballon text? My FIENDISHLY CLEVER PLAN is that people will want to read it, and thus click on the thumbnail to expand it, and thus be one step closer to BUYING MY STORY, MOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHA!

infantino-batgirlTHE PURSE. I have a couple other art pieces Lash did. He had pointed me to the old Carmine Infantino Batgirl costume with a handbag on her hip. THAT is what I wanted for Holly! How else is she gonna carry her stuff? (Holly would have a writer’s keyboard and display, and comic books, and later, maybe some makeup.) Lash felt Holly’s purse should be yellow, “better than mixing it up with blue.” I agreed. (In the cover, Holly took the bag off before sitting down. My barber would have her do that.)

There’s a minor issue with image size, but I should be able to adjust it. Smashwords likes 1600 pixels wide. I wonder about that, the cover is never going to be that big in an ebook. I think. (The size issue is fixed. We think our emails were shrinking the files, so we used Dropbox.)

Now I have to format the story for Smashwords and Amazon. And then put it on the market. And see if anyone notices. Marketing tricks, here I come.

P.S. Thanks again, Batton Lash.


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