Do I really wanna do this?

I got the email notice from the San Diego Comic Con: pre-registration is tomorrow morning. (As opposed to the regular online sale later this year, for those who did not have tix from 2013.)

Do I really want to do this? It was really frustrating last year. And I got lousy tickets (Thursday and Sunday?!?!), and I did not go. And it’s getting so CROWDED, HUGE lines for nearly EVERYTHING.

Can I afford the major $$$$ for food, gas, and hotel? Can I even get a hotel reservation at this late date? Can my 2001-year, 250,000-mile Honda Civic still make the trek from the SF Bay to Slam Diego without exploding? (Bet it would be a cool comic book sound effect, like BTK-TK-TUK-GLUNKLE-BMMMF-THHHUH-B-B-B-BRRROOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!)

Oh, heck, I’ll do it. The tickets themselves are not much money. And I can always bow out of the hotel/gas/food end later and return the tickets. But one of these years, I’m gonna sell stuff behind a table, instead of being a fanboy sellout, um, a guy waiting in way-too-long lines, uh, old geek trying to take pics of Power Girl cosplayers, um, I need to write more Super Holly Hansson stories until I have enough to stack on a selling table.

UPDATE: I did it. A four-day ticket (no preview night). I have some months to decide if I can still do this. I know, I’ll buy a lottery ticket! Nah, I have a better chance of writing a bestseller novel.


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