I knew there was a pattern here.

I stumbled across an interview Paul Dini had with Kevin Smith about why Cartoon Network does not want female audiences. Or even older boys. Just young hyperactive boys.


So that’s why they cancelled Young Justice, Beware the Batman, and the rebooted Thundercats. And why I am watching less Teen Titans Go: that is beginning to feel like there is no there there. No continuity, no development, just fast goofy jokes. It is possible to eat too much sugar.

This actually gives me hope when I write about Holly the superheroine. I remember Stan Freberg, who did the funniest, wittiest, and shoot-product-sales-way-up-est commercials of all time. He discussed how he determined if his commercials would work (not an exact quote below, but close):

When you show the commercial to the top executives, and they shift uncomfortably in their chairs, it’s probably pretty good. And if ALL the blood drains outta their faces… (Stan nodded, winked into the camera, and made the OK sign with his hand).

P.S. There is one CN cartoon with nearly all female superheroes: Steven Universe. Except the main character is still a boy. And that cartoon has not grabbed me yet.


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