Okay, my next short story is ready to go.

It is about Holly having the worst bad hair day of all time.

I spent the last two days rewriting it as per my editor’s edits and comments. I had decided not to go out on New Year’s Eve. Or today. I knew I’d feel better about not going to a party last night if I finished the final rewrite on my story. And I do. (BONUS: I just found a new season of Survivorman playing on Discovery Channel! YES!)

Funny how stories get longer. I cut out a useless scene at the start. But I added a few more visuals, as per my editors suggestions. I put in the huge majority of her edits, although I did not cut Holly batting her eyes at Cal, and carrying out of the barbershop: “Take me away in your big, black Intellecta-car!”

I’ll wait for the cover art and figure out how to put this on Kindle and the like. I’ll also send some PDFs to some friends soon. But for now, I watched Les Stroud. He’d be a great superhero. Able to survive in any environment. Wait, he can already do that.


2 thoughts on “Okay, my next short story is ready to go.

  1. Survivorman is still on television? Last time I watched that must have been years ago. At least eight or nine, so I am shocked that guy is still doing it. Must be making a fine bit of cash though.

  2. For what Les Stroud goes through, he deserves cash. Survivorman is on Discover Channel on Wednesday nights.

    Years ago (note my lack of little beard), I made a YouTube video spoofing Survivorman. Singleguyman.

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